Finally, real internet safety is possible.


Peace of mind for parents

Gertrude lets you block the entire internet, only unlocking the portions you choose. Keep your kids only and exactly where you want them to be online. Plus, review screenshots and keystrokes of their activity from your own computer or phone. Mac parental controls have never been this good.

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A losing game

Most internet safety tools try to block specific categories of the internet. With 2 billion websites, and tens of thousands more being added every day, it's simply impossible to maintain up-to-date lists correctly categorizing even a fraction of dangerous websites.

websites on the internet*


New websites created this week


Of all material on the internet is porn


New websites in the last hour


New websites created in the last 24 hours


New websites created since you visited this site


New websites created every second


Create a parent account

Parents start by registering an account with their own phone or computer. Parents can use any kind of phone or computer.

Install the Mac app on your child's computer

The child being protected must be using a Mac computer. Download the app from our site and launch to start the setup process.

You control what websites are allowed

Once installed, Gertrude blocks the entire internet for all browsers and apps, except for the parts you choose.

Children can request sites to be unblocked...

If your child needs access to another site, they can see the blocked request and click a button to request that you unblock it.

... and you can decide from wherever you are

You'll receive a notification on your phone or computer, and you can respond with a click to unblock the site or app if you feel it is safe.

Review and monitor screenshots and keystrokes remotely

Plus, you can review images of your child's screen, and review a log of everything they've typed, all from your phone or computer.
Your device
Your child's computer
Request access
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Take complete control

Choose exactly where your kids are allowed online, and make sure they can't go anywhere else. No other mac internet filter allows the same level of strict control.

Manage on the go

Add or remove sites from your own personal safelist from your phone or computer, wherever you are.

Get notified

Get text, email, or Slack messages when your kid needs access to a blocked site or requests a temporary suspension of the mac internet blocker.

Suspend the filter

Temporarily allow the whole internet, while recording screenshots of their activity and everything they type with a built-in mac keylogger.

Protect the whole family

Manage all your kids with one account, sharing lists of safelisted sites when it makes sense. Only $5/month for the whole family.

Defense in depth.

In addition to internet filtering, Gertrude allows you to collect screenshots of your child’s screens, as well as a record of everything they type, for an unprecedented level of safety, redundancy, and oversight. You get to review screenshots and keystrokes on your own time, on your own device.

We clearly display that they are being watched—there‘s nothing creepy or secretive about it. This greatly increases their safety online, plus allows you to occasionally turn off the filter, safe in the knowledge that their activity is being observed.

I spent years trying out different parental control software for my four kids (on both Macs and PCs) and never found anything that made me feel peaceful and secure about my kids' online activities until I started using Gertrude.

Jason H.

Gertrude Parent

I only installed it a couple hours ago but I can already tell this is what I’ve been looking for a long time. I’ve tried every blocker and accountability software under the sun and I was perpetually dissatisfied. I don’t think I’ll wait for the trial period to end to subscribe.

Tali M.

Gertrude Parent

We have used Gertrude for our two children for the past few years and have found it to be absolutely the most secure product available. The app makes securing children online something manageable for us as middle-aged parents with typical computer skills.

Frank A.

Gertrude Parent

$5 a month, for the whole family.

60 day free trial.