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Finally, real internet safety is possible

From dream to reality

Protect your loved ones with aggressive network filtering, plus screen and keystroke monitoring. Remotely supervise and control access from your own computer or phone. Available for macOS starting November 1.

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A losing battle

Most internet safety tools try to block categories of the internet. With 1.7 billion websites, and hundreds of thousands more being added every day, taking this approach only gives you the illusion of safety...

Safe is now possible

Gertrude blocks the entire internet, only allowing parts you specifically unlock. We make this managable by letting you:

Unlock websites and apps from wherever you are, on your own computer or phone

Share protection settings and filter rules between multiple users

Mix, match, and borrow groups of keys to unlock websites and apps

Get text, email, or Slack notifications wherever you are when someone needs something unblocked

Easily see which requests are being blocked and request unlocking

Defense in depth.

In addition to internet filtering, Gertrude allows you to collect screenshots of your protected users' screens, as well as their keystrokes, for an unprecedented level of safety, redundancy, and oversight. You get to review screenshots and keystrokes on your own time, on your own device.

Limited public beta begins November 1, 2022

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