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Gertrude: The Best Mac Keylogger

With an internet increasingly filled with dangerous, inappopriate and damaging content, more and more parents are looking for ways to monitor their kids online time. Gertrude can help, with a built-in, easy-to-use mac keylogger.

Kids online activity shouldn't be private

If you had the time to sit next to each of your kids for all of their daily computer usage, that would be ideal. You would be able to see everything they did, keep them away from the dangerous parts of the internet, and guide them towards educational and healthy activity. Nothing they did online would feel private, as they would feel themselves continually under your watchful care. The built-in accountability provided by your attention would prevent any curious and dangerous exploration.

Sadly, most of us don't have the time or bandwidth to watch our kids screens 100% of the time. But technology can help us here. Gertrude comes with a built-in mac keyogger which can record everything your child types, and also take regular screenshots of all of their activity. All of their typing is securely uploaded to your parental account, where you can review it for up to 2 weeks afterwards, on your phone or computer

Not Spying, Accountability and Safety

This isn't spying—Gertrude doesn't allow keylogging or screenshot monitoring to be done secretly under any circumstances. We clearly notify your child the entire time their typing is being recorded. If you're looking for some way to do this secretly, you're in the wrong place. Again, the right mental model is that of a parent sitting next to their child. They should know they are being watched—both because it respects their privacy, and also because it promotes healthy self-regulation.

Mac keylogger to protect kids
We clearly display when keylogging is active

Enabling Keylogging in Gertrude

To enable keylogging, log in to the parent's dashboard and go to the Children screen. Click the Edit button for the child you would like to betin monitoring. Click to enable and save the child.

Enable keylogging with a single click
Gertrude's controls for enabling keylogging

Reviewing Keylogging in Gertrude

Once configured, the Gertrude Mac app will constantly record your child's typing, and every few minutes upload the data to our servers where only you the parent can have access to it. Then, whenever you want, you can log into the parental dashboard, go to the Children screen and click to view the Activity of your child.

Review mac keylogging
Click the Activity button to review keylogging

The activity screen will show a continual stream of uploaded keystrokes, mixed with screenshots (if you also have that feature enabled).

Review mac keylogger results
Your child's typing, organized by app